All Day Brunch

Bonjour tous les Jours

Coffee + mini croissant of your choice
(Plain, Lavender, Lotus or Chocolate)

AED 29

Açaí Bowl

Served with Exotic, red fruits chia seeds and peanut butter

AED 49

Granola Bowl

Granola, Greek Yugurt, red fruits, exotic fruits and chia seeds

AED 45

Truffle Eggs Florentine

Two poached eggs, Baby spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions topped with homemade truffle hollandaise sauce and fresh truffles

AED 59

Omelette de Paris

Classic french omelette served with homemade potato cake, mixed salad and rustic crostini.
Add your choice of:

- Avocado 12 AED
- Mushrooms 6 AED
- Cheese 9 AED

AED 49

Croissant Capri

Fresh-baked croissant topped with pesto, baby rocca, dried tomatoes and cheese, served with mixed salad

AED 23

Cheese Croissant

-Classic 15 AED
-Grand 19 AED

AED 15

Fleur de Zaatar Croissant

-Classic 15 AED
-Grand 19 AED

AED 15

Wid's Chakchouka

Eggs in a rich homemade tomato sauce with capsicums, garlic and feta cheese, served with bread

-Add Moroccan Bacon 12 AED
-Add meatballs 9 AED

AED 52

Croque Mr

Classic french turkey ham, bechamel, cheese with mixed salad

AED 49

Croque Madame

Classic french turkey ham, bechamel, cheese, fried egg served with mixed salad

AED 51

Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, your choice of turkey ham or smoked salmon, served in a croissant with a homemade potato cake and mixed salad, topped with hollandaise sauce

AED 59

Eggs Avocado Croissant

Fresh-baked croissant stuffed with scrambled eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes

AED 57

Our sourdough is 100% organic, 70% rye flour, 30% wheat flour

Royal Salmon Rustic Tartine

Scottish salmon tartine with fresh herbs, cream cheese and baby spinach, served with mixed salad

AED 52

Chicken Rustic Tartine

Tartine with marinated chicken, fresh herbs, cream cheese, topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms, served with a mixed salad

AED 52

Avocado Egg Rustic Tartine

Avocado tartine topped with caramelized onions, nuts and poached eggs, served with mixed salad

AED 52

Moroccan Corner



Melaoui Plain


With Vegetables 7AED